Teacher Workshops & Professional Learning

Teachers today are tasked with developing capable, global citizens, equipped with the unique skill set required to achieve in an ever-evolving and technology-driven world. Problem Based Learning in STEM; utilising Robotics, Coding, and 3D Printing as tools, is one effective way for teachers to empower their students to be successful, engaged learners, who employ critical and creative thinking skills to persevere in learning.

Utilising Robotics, Coding, and 3D Printing in the classroom helps to actively engage students in their learning (be it Maths, English, Science, or the Humanities) and equips them to develop effective learner dispositions. Robotics, Coding, and Digital Design challenges require students to think critically, problem solve, and collaborate – the ideal skill set for an effective learner – and best of all… students LOVE it!

To support teachers in preparing students to be critical and creative thinkers, RoboLink has developed a range of innovative and future focused Professional Learning workshops, designed to upskill and inspire teachers with the possibilities in STEM for their students.

Across a series of workshops, each one stage-focused and classroom teacher relevant; RoboLink educators and trainers aim to deliver hands-on activities intended to showcase the power of STEM in primary teaching. A wide variety of Robotics and Coding equipment and software are used in our workshops, with specific lesson plan and scope & sequence examples given for demonstrating how to link in with the NSW curriculum, to target and help meet specific KLA outcomes. Focus in our workshops is not solely on the Science & Technology syllabus, but rather how to utilise STEM as an engaging tool for inspired and effective learning across the curriculum.  We aim to equip and empower teachers, so that they might inspire their students.