App Development Program

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App Development Program


In this program, students will develop Apps for smartphones and tablets and take their first steps as digital creators. Students will learn by actively doing (market researching, designing, coding, and business plan pitching) and will work on interest-based projects, creating a fun class dynamic where the learning is both relevant and engaging.

Students are encouraged to develop ideas inspired by a need that they identify in the community around them, with this presenting a rich and empowering learning experience on an individual level. Past student projects range in concept from an anti-bullying support App to a Recipe Collection for kids App. Projects are self-driven with students challenged to take charge of their app development from market research to coding and finally pitching and publishing.

Our program is unique to others on offer for schools in that Apps developed by students are viable for publishing to App stores on either iOS or Android devices (should students choose to pursue this at the end of the program). Students are always excited about the real possibility to develop something that will have a tangible impact in their community and results they can actually see. We have had students even get the opportunity to present their App to the NSW Premier at Parliament House!

The Benefits…

Coding is all about thinking. Learning to code combines scientific knowledge with creativity and learning a whole new language. It requires high activity of multiple areas in the brain and altogether empowers children. When children code they learn how to express themselves, develop procedural thinking, and strengthen their confidence. They acquire a new set of skills that help them shift from just consuming information to becoming digital creators.

In the our development program, students will learn the basics of coding through the App design process. They will write code and develop and design their own unique self-made products.

During the course students will learn and implement the following Coding concepts:

  • Programming statements: input, If/else, random and intersect.

  • Variables: using variables to store data.

  • Basic design: inserting media files (video, audio and image) into the app.

The Nitty Gritty…

  • Cost: $1,000 for an 8 week program for up to 10 students. Customised programs for larger groups can be arranged.

  • Location: we come to you and run the program at your school on a weekly schedule that suits you.

  • Time required: 8 weekly sessions of 1.5 to 2 hrs

  • How to use the program: this program is ideal for an enrichment/extension group opportunity or it could run as a before or after school club. We have also had success running the program as a lunch time ‘social’ club for groups of students who struggle to find their place in the playground and make friends. The program can be run for a whole class if desired, but in this case will need an extra 2 weeks to complete (cost varying with student numbers).

Interested to learn more? Contact us to discuss how we can tailor this program to work for your students and launch them into the amazing world of code and App design, where they can be the change they want to see in the world!

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