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RoboLink Education is the Illawarra's leading STEM education service, delivering lessons in and out of school hours to hundreds of students every week. We offer exciting and engaging lessons in Robotics, Coding, 3D Printing, and Web & App Design; providing hands-on experiences that inspire relevant 21st century learning for the eager young mind!

Our programs are aligned with the NSW Digital Technologies and Science curriculum, and lessons are delivered by our own trained STEM Gurus, who are skilled at working with and inspiring young kids.

Our STEM gurus travel to Illawarra schools and set up everything needed for running fun, educational programs that put the wow into STEM and Digital Technology education. We bring the hardware, software, and experts to you for a hassle-free set up, ready and passionate to inspire kids to dream big and believe in the extraordinary potential that lies within them!

RoboLink programs can be tailored for classes of all sizes and demographics, or delivered to whole schools. Programs are available for booking on a one off or regular basis. We can cater for groups of all sizes and skill levels, maintaining a hands-on experience for everyone. For teachers we can provide training services for upskilling and capacity building in a range of areas.

Outside school hours, registration is available for Primary School age kids in holiday programs and after-school clubs; offering something for every child to have the opportunity to explore the amazing things that they can dream and achieve!

Our mission is to inspire kids to dream big and believe in their potential to achieve; while exciting them about STEM and equipping them with fundamental skills. STEM skills support success in academic endeavours and prepare kids for a future that will be driven by science and technology.


More than just robots and code...


STEM education has the power to inspire and benefit every child, regardless of their background or academic abilities. STEM teaches problem-solving skills and encourages creativity and self-confidence. Kids get inspired by STEM to dream and create new designs and concepts for a better world, which will become their's to rule in the future.

STEM club students across the globe are developing skills in science, technology, communication, teamwork, and analytical thinking; which are setting them up for success in life. STEM is the way of the future, and the fastest growing industry, with varied career opportunities. Students involved in STEM clubs are demonstrating a higher likelihood of graduating from school in top percentiles and going on to pursue higher education.

At RoboLink we use specially designed STEM programs, that are relevant an engaging to primary-age student. In particular, we harness the learning power that lies within Robotics, LEGO, Minecraft, Coding, and 3D Design & Printing, to ensure that kids not only learn amazing things, but have a whole lot of fun too. We want kids to be inspired and develop a love of STEM whilst learning to love and believe in themselves too!



The possibilities for inspiration are endless...


Programming with EV3 Mindstorms

A lego system for introducing robots & coding

Students build and program autonomous robots to complete challenges, battle each other, or solve simulated real-world problems.


Learn to program with Dash & Dot

Fun robots for kids of all ages to program

Teaching creative problem solving and computational thinking, Dash & Dot robots help students learn early coding skills and apply maths. 


Build with WeDo LEGO Robotics

Engineering and coding collide for fun!

Introducing students to robotics and early programming concepts, with LEGO models that feature programmable motors and sensors.


Shape the future with App Design

Be the change you want to see in the world

Inspiring kids to dream big and become future world-changers, bringing to life their ideas through App Design and Development.

All for one, one for all...


STEM education is at the forefront of everyone's minds, as our society becomes increasingly science and technology based. The latest research indicates that in the next decade an estimated 75% of jobs, in the fastest-growing industries, will require skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

While all children stand to benefit from STEM education, children from certain vulnerable sectors of the community, including those with disabilities, may stand to gain the most. A number of children with additional needs, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders really enjoy (and may even excel in...) Coding, Robotics, and 3D Printing. STEM subjects offer logical and consistent approaches to learning and problem solving, and this often attracts Autistic children to studies and professions in STEM fields. Building upon a special interest in STEM, shown by some kids with ASD, can mean opening up a world of opportunities and setting them up with skills for a successful future.

For the quirky, socially awkward kids... the one's who have trouble finding where they 'fit' and are drawn to science and technology - developing their STEM skills, and encouraging them to follow their interest, is a form of empowerment. The 'quirky' or 'nerdy' kids (as they are seen) are sadly too often the subject of bullying and they become susceptible to developing poor mental health. Being involved in STEM clubs, which cater for their quirks, can impart a wealth of self-confidence in who they are as valuable individuals. With the shift in our society and economy towards STEM-dependent and technology-driven jobs, within the next decade these 'quirky kids' armed with STEM skills will be ruling the world!

At RoboLink we have a special interest in supporting, educating, and up-skilling kids of different abilities; and particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our Not-For-Profit arm - 'Think Different', was established in 2018, enabling us to fund free 'STEMability' Clubs (in and out of school) - where kids get to learn Robotics, Coding, or 3D Printing whilst building friendships and developing social skills. STEMability programs are available to all kids of different abilities, who have an interest in STEM and need a place where they feel that they belong. We see every child's potential, and we want to be part of shaping their bright future!

For more information on our Not-For-Profit intiative and our STEMability Clubs/school sessions, go to the Programs & Services menu on the navigation bar at the top of the page.